Besides academic excellence our institute provides sufficient opportunity to the students to engage themselves in activities which nourish the inherent talents in them.

We aspire our new generation to take active part in various co-curricular activities essential for their career and boosting confidence.

We organize many competitions to bring forth their potentialities i.e., hand writing competition, singing, drawing, essay writing, debate, twaikando, scout, music, yoga and number of sports.

To foster the feelings of secularism we celebrate every festival with due respect and we preach them to know the students importance of particular festival. We maintain a balance between our academic and co-curricular activities. As they students to celebrate festival, they also do the project work (Preparations of chart and models etc) of various subjects with the same zeal and enthusiasm. We exhibited all these activities in our annual function. Thus they learn easily and understand their subjects by all these activities. This further develops enthusiasm in them to do research in their subject of choice. That’s  way they learn develop interest in the research oriented education.


We don’t want to gift the society bookworms who are weak and lethargic.  Their Alma matter aims at creating strong and sturdy students full of spirit and energy who will perform their best everywhere.

Our institute have two spacious grounds for overall srorts actvities for students.  We have all the facilities required for the outdoor games such as cricket, football, volleyball, kho-kho, basketball and a spacious hall to conduct indoor games like badminton, table-tennis, chess, Chinese martial arts. We have games teachers who are qualified (in sports a games B.S.G) to guide them.

We try our best to teach them every game under the experts supervision of our games teachers.  They regularly participate in the various tournaments & competitions organized by different local institutes. Some of our students have represented M.P & National level games and succeeded with flying colours.

To make them practically strong and brave we impart them scout and guides training on definite days.  Recently they have attended a 3 days camp at Kalakund.  They performed social services in Navratri at Khajrana Temple.