Aims & Objectives

  1. To establish and run an educational institution, for building up a strong young generation based on Indian spiritual and human values and thus prepare them to face godly the challenges in life.
  2. To enable the right pupils to receive the right education from the right teacher under a right and dynamic administration.
  3. Caste, creed and colour have no place at all in this institution.
  4. To provide proper orientation to the child through purposeful education aimed at bringing out the latent potentialities of the child and their rightful utilization.
  5. To orient the child to develop a strong character, trust, self dependability, honesty and follow feeling towards the institution, society, nation and the world at large.
  6. To orient the child to strive for excellence in life.
  7. To channelise the energies of students in the right direction and train them to become responsible citizens of our nation.

Goals are necessary for arriving at a previously chosen point; the absence of a goal usually drifts from the aim. In education, we must know what our aim is in order to achieve it. Following are some worthy goals for the educator.

To indoctrinate the student in truth.

To develop moral responsibility.

To develop in the student a sense of right in relation to the surrounding world.

To develop skills necessary for life and service.

To help the student attain a satisfactory social adjustment.

To help the student understand the relationship of law and freedom.

To develop a sense of the dignity of honest labor.

To help each student develop his God-given abilities in a humble way.

To develop in the student the ability and desire to continue the process of education after schools.

To develop physical and mental disciplines.

To teach the process of orderly thinking.

To contribute toward developing Gurukul like life pattern in school.

May God help us to be goal conscious in our teaching so that we arrive at the destination for which we are striving.