1. To link the child with the soil of our Motherland and her great cultural heritage.
  2. Lovable environment for teaching and learning.
  3. Special attention to weaker children.
  4. Highly qualified staff appointed after tough tests.
  5. Beautiful natural surrounding, free from pollution. 
  6. Arrangements for Yoga, Asanas, Pranayam, Physical exercises, Music, Drawing & Painting as well as indoor & outdoor games.
  7. We have set up an advisory board consisting of well read and highly qualified persons most of them are permanent long time residents of Indore.
  8. Conveyance facility is available.
  9. To Survive in competition era we provide not only the training of the intellect, but also the refinement of the heart & the discipline of the soul.
  10. Using Communicative approach ensures development of the Four Basic Skills- Reading, Speaking, Listening & Writing.
  11. Student-Teacher relationship: Teachers conducting a classroom & shaping the minds of the young students, teachers who communicates effectively with their students should give appropriate and helpful feedback to their students.
  12. Self Motivation: Success is not the final, Failure is not the fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts. The competitor you have is yourself. You too become the Best.

Time to time we provide

  • Career Counseling.
  • Remedial Classes for weaker students.
  • Special classes for brilliant students.
  • Activity based education.
  • Activities to develop moral values as well as conserve energy.
  • Leadership Skill / Creating Self Awareness.