Principal’s Message

Welcome to Chhatrapati Shivaji Public School website.
Within a short period of about two decades it has earned name and fame in western region of Indore city. I feel proud to say that it is even competing rather showing better performance than some of the C.B.S.E. and I.C.S.E. school. Our dedicated teachers and staff work so sincerely and friendly with the students to bring cream out of them. Our students consistently show improvement in all fields of academics while getting involved in a variety of extra co-curricular activities.
Our students are showing excellent performance in arts, cultural and sports activities. Every year they are representing M.P. in different sports, music, debate, essay writing, cultural programmers and even received national awards.
A school is a place where students receive training to mould their life to become a humanitarian. They get effective, meaningful, spiritual, ethical, and moral disciplinary training in friendly manner. It is here that they begin to learn lesson of meaningful life and accept challenges to face competitions, failure and defeat with smile. Toil hard day and night to reach at the top and rejoice victory with humility and grace.
C.S.P.S. has good reputation in co-curricular activities in games like foot ball, basketball, cricket, table tennis, volley boll, taiquando yoga and Indian games like kabbadi, kho-kho, chess etc. Some students have started showing wonderful performance in arts and craft, Indian classical vocal and instrumental music, dance and dramas. We are just encouraging them to develop and cultivate their hobbies.
The aim of education should be to ensure total development of child’s personality, talent, physical and mental capabilities so as to prepare him/her for a society which is full of challenges, corruption, ignorance, lack of good education and health, dishonesty, disparity, blind faith rowdyism, casticism linguistic and provincial favoritism. They should be developed to face these challenges bravely and wipe them all from the grass roots and make this beautiful country in socially, financially militarily and democratically strong world power.
I can assure that at C.S.P.S. we are committed to provide an inspiring learning environment for the students and good working atmosphere for developing new methods to train the students for research oriented education.
My suggestion to the adolescent students: Fix a goal for your self and achieve it through hard work, strong determination, planning and doing all the work according to time table. Develop good habits of enriching G.K. and other subjects including history. Try to do most of the things by your own hands. Winners don’t do different things but they do things differently. At last I appeal to the parents Be positive towards the activities of the school in shaping your children and extend your valuable co-operation. Keep a close watch on their activities after school hours. Train them to face the challenge of life with courage, honesty and sincerity. Home is the first school where the parents have to play a great role in up bringing the child. Remember child is the father of man.

With best wishes
Vinod Jain