School Council

School Council 2022-23

Convenor – Mrs. Megha Kharote

House Coordinator – Mrs. Sandhya Lakkad

Head Boy – Archesh Shrivas

Head Girl –Deepali Tripathi

“Coming together was a beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together will be a success.”

Today’s youth are the future of tomorrow. To bring up our students council members have been appointed. Various inter house activities were held for invoking great zeal, enthusiasm, sportsmanship sprit of unity and position as captians, vice captian, secretary etc. In this way they actively students participate in each school function with zeal, sprit and Confidence.

“A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step – opportunity. So we always have the tendency to jump on opportunity.”

List of Council members Senior wing 2022-23
Head Boy  
Archesh Shrivas
12th A
Head girl Deepali Tripathi 12th B
Assembly Prefect
Assembly Jt. Prefect
Raj Sharma
Srijana Dhanotia
12th B 11th A
Discipline Prefect
Discipline Jt. Prefect
Jayesh jain
Yashvi Vajpayee
12th A 11th B
Science Prefect
Science Jt. Prefect
Arpit Nigam
Sarthak Thakur
12th A 11th A
Cultural Prefect
Cultural Jt. Prefect
Manisha Bhadekar
Toshi Mate
12th A 11th A
Literary Prefect
Literary Jt.Prefect
Anushka Bhartiya
Rohit Ingle
11th B 11th A
Sports Prefect
Sports Jt.Prefect
Mohit Sharma
Yash Piplodiya
12thA 11th B
House captain

Vivekanand house
Pratap house
Subhash house
Shivaji house
Nitin Motwani
Nivedita Dhoot
Amit Tripathi
Yash Paliwal

12th A 12th A 12th B  12th B
Vice Captain

Vivekanand House
Pratap House
Subhash House
Shivaji House

Anuj Patel

11th A 11th B 11th B 11th A                                                                                                                                               
List of Council members Junior wing 2019-20
Head Boy
Aakash Tripathi
Head Girl Sakshi Mate
Shivaji House
Vice Captain
Riya Kukreja
Vishal Chahar
Pratap House
Vice Captain
Nivedita Dhoot
Kartik Verma
Subhash House
Vice Captain
Amit Tripathi
Raj Vishwakarma
Vivekanand House
Vice Captain
Nitin Motwani
Janvi Shrivastav