Vision of Founder Directors

It was a dream of our late President Mr. R.H. Chondke to have a modern school for Shri Kshatriya Maratha samaj P.T. of indore. With his efforts usha nagar G.N.S.S. gave a piece of land on lease for 99 years. With the untiring efforts of the sitting trustees of that time the building work was started in 1993 and on 11th july 1994 Chhatrapati Shivaji Public School came into existence and started shaping the new generation.

It was their dream to have an ideal school from where most disciplined, staunch nationalist, hard working, roboust in health with ardent love for religion and our motherland would come out. They shall feel proud in respecting their parents and teachers. Learning in an English Medium but having a deep passion for the national language Hindi and their mother tongue. Ardent love for Indian culture, tradition and shall adopt “Swadeshi”. Keeping away from western culture but shall adopt their good qualities like punctuality of time, hard work, cleanliness, discipline, honesty and lack of corruption. To acquaint the students from their childhood to know the basic principles of all religions in short. such as Vedas, “Upanishads” , Puran, Bible, Kuran, “Guru Granth sahib”, Bhagtambar path” Buddhist teachings etc.

It is said that if you are satisfied with your progress it stops there only look at the advanced countries they are always planning ahead for 25 to 50 years. in all fields. looking to these our old stalwarts drafted a plan atleast to achieve half of the targets succeeded by some institution belonging to one person or a family in recent times. For example D.Y. Patil, Shri Patangrao kadam. Both of them have more than 100 institutions up to the post graduate level and technical institutions in most of the fields. Both of them have a deemed universality. If you look towards the recent past you shall be surprised to see institutions after the name of Panjab Rao Deshmukh, Deccan Education Society, Bhau Rao Shinde institutions.

The tremendous work done by Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj of kolhapur for the upliftment of downtroden has no match for eradicating casticism.

If we look to Madhya Pradesh look at the uncomparable work done by a single person Dr. Harsingh Gaur who established Sagar University of his own earnings. He did not give singel pie to his children and even refused to give his name to the university.

The prices of land, construction cost, pay scales of the staff have increased enormously. The present trustees and people aspiring to become trustees in near future should look to the enormous number of technical institutions are coming up every year. HOW !!! How they are doing it ! Then why we can’t do it. Think over it, we can do it any cost if we determine to do it !